Monday, August 17, 2009

OMG!!! Check out our new ad in the TBT

Our new ad campaign for the TBT paper. We considered many different texting phrases but OMG seemed to capture the substance of the ad and still allow non-texters to get the message. Just another way to catch the eye and the interest of the TBT readers and give the Tampa community something new.

Even though we are always trying to be creative with the advertisements, our main focus is to help our clients navigate through the criminal court system and achieve the best result possible. We are committed to providing exceptional service and give each and every client the personal attention that they deserve.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grand Opening

The Law Offices of Andrew Shein, P.A. is pleased to announce the grand opening of their brand new office at 3605 W. Azeele Street, Tampa, FL 33609. The Mediterranean style building, first conceived by Andrew’s father in-law and designed by local architect Meyer Weitzman, took many years of collaboration and planning to design. However, it took JAVIC HOMES less than a year to build. After years of waiting, The Law Offices of Andrew Shein, P.A. finally moved into the luxurious new space in February of 2009.

The entire first floor is occupied by THE LAW OFFICES OF ANDREW SHEIN, P.A. This space more than doubles the work area that Andrew previously had. Clients can now comfortably enjoy the growing collection of artwork and the always abundant chocolates.

With over 2500 square feet of space, the new two-story building has enough space for Andrew’s law practice as well as space to rent to other professionals. The location is convenient to major highways, the interstate, and downtown Tampa. The building is beautiful, spacious and modern – complete with WI-FI and each office comes loaded with plenty of phone and LAN ports. Our tenants enjoy a brand new and well-maintained building with many amenities included.

We love our new space and hope our clients, our tenants, and our visitors do too.